How Africa Trades


Are you interested in learning more about the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and regional trade? Do you want to join a community of African trade and development experts and enthusiasts on a collective AfCFTA learning journey? If yes, then you should join the DevDispatch AfCFTA Reading Club!

The DevDispatch AfCFTA Reading Club is a platform for making development knowledge more accessible and engaging on all things AfCFTA. Each month, members select one publication and participate in a virtual discussion on the selected publication. Membership is free and open to anyone who wants to learn more about the AfCFTA.

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This month, we are reading Chapter 2 of the book “How Africa Trades” co-written by Jamie MacLeod, David Luke and Geoffroy GUEPIE. This chapter focuses on the AfCFTA and regional trade, explaining why the AfCFTA has assumed such importance in African trade policy, how it can help Africa achieve more by speaking with one voice and acting collectively, what are the main challenges and opportunities for its effective implementation, and how the regional economic communities (RECs) can serve as building blocks for trade integration.

This chapter is very relevant and timely in the African Union 'Year of Accelerating the Implementation of the AfCFTA', as it provides insights and recommendations on how to overcome the technical and political hurdles that have delayed the start of substantive trade under the agreement. It also highlights the importance of harmonizing the trade policies and levels of integration of the various RECs to achieve the full potential of the AfCFTA.


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