Fully funded Ph.D. Position in Chemistry at Rice University, USA

Apply for this fully funded Ph.D. Position in Chemistry at Rice University, USA ;

Graduate education offers a unique blend of instruction, training, mentorship, and scientific collaboration. Our program aims to provide students with an enriching experience that contributes to the advancement of science and engineering through exceptional original research while also preparing them for successful professional careers. Our graduates have achieved remarkable success in diverse fields, including academic research, government service, and technical roles with various companies, from established corporations to innovative startups, spanning industries like oil, consulting, education, and more.

To apply, you'll need the following documents:
- Statement of Purpose (SOP)
- Personal Statement
- Latest Updated CV
- TOEFL/GRE (waivers may apply)
- Letter of Recommendations
- Academic Transcripts

And the best part is, the application fee is waived! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

click on the official link below to apply ; https://chemistry.rice.edu/prospective-students/how-to-apply


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