The 2nd International TEFL Conference


🌍📚 Unlock the World of Language Education at the 2nd International TEFL Conference on August 19th! 🗓️ Join our global language and teaching community for a day of insightful exploration, self-reflection, and professional growth in language education.

🎓 Engage with a diverse lineup of esteemed speakers and fresh voices who are shaping the future of language teaching:

🎙️ Mohammed Oummih: Founder & CEO of English for Africa, bringing innovation to language education across the continent.

🎙️ Jane Delaney: A Qualified Teacher and CLIL expert, empowering educators with effective strategies for language integration.

🎙️ Elham: CELTA Trainer from the American University in Cairo, sharing cutting-edge teaching techniques.

🎙️ David Ausserhuber: University Professor from Vienna, unraveling the complexities of multilingualism.

Experience a day of inspiration, innovation, and connection. Elevate your teaching journey with fresh perspectives and transformative insights. 🚀

🎟️ Register now to secure your spot:


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