Funding Opportunity Alert : The Samim Project is here to empower Civil Society Organizations

🌍 Funding Opportunity Alert! 🌱 The Samim Project is here to empower Civil Society Organizations! 💪 Apply now for financial support between EUR 30,000 and EUR 34,000. Deadline: 31-Dec-23. 🗓️ Let's strengthen the capacity of CSOs together!

🚀 About the Samim Project:
The Samim Project aims to reinforce the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by providing financial support for impactful initiatives led by young changemakers. Seize the opportunity to make a difference in your community!

💰 Funding Information:
🌐 Financial support: EUR 30,000 - EUR 34,000
🌍 Paid in local currency
📆 Implementation of projects at the exchange rate of the month of contracting

🔗 Apply Now:
Ready to turn your vision into reality? Visit the link to access the application: Samim Project Application 📝

🌐 Who Can Apply:
CSOs passionate about creating positive change, with a focus on initiatives led by young actors. Let's empower the next generation of leaders!

🔔 Deadline:
Don't miss out! Submit your proposals by 31-Dec-23.

🌱 Why Apply:
Join hands with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to drive impactful change in your community. Be a catalyst for positive transformation!

🔗 For More Details:
Explore further details and guidelines at the provided link. Act now and be part of the Samim Project's mission!
🌐 Spread the Word:
Share this opportunity with CSOs and young leaders who are passionate about making a difference! Let's amplify the impact together! 🌟 #SamimProject #CivilSocietyEmpowerment #YouthLeadership #AFDFunding #ChangeMakers #CommunityImpact #EmpowerChange #GrantOpportunity #YouthInnovation #SocialImpactProjects #CapacityBuilding #ChangemakersUnite #FundingForGood #EmpowerYouthLeaders #GlobalDevelopment #PositiveChange #CommunityDevelopment #YouthInitiatives #EmpowerCSOs #FinancialSupport #AFDGrant #ImpactfulProjects #YouthEmpowermentOpportunity #SamimChange #DeadlineAlert #FundingNow #CSOProjects


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