Join the Generation Connect Young Leadership Programme (GCYLP)

🌟 Join the Generation Connect Young Leadership Programme (GCYLP) 🌍

GCYLP is an exciting opportunity to engage, empower, and inspire young digital leaders and changemakers worldwide. If you have a vision for a more inclusive and empowered digital future, this programme is for you!

What is GCYLP About?
GCYLP aims to support young visionaries from around the world who propose creative, far-reaching, innovative, and feasible community-driven projects aimed at creating a more inclusive and empowered digital future.

What You'll Experience:

Guidance, training, and financial support from ITU in partnership with Huawei.
Virtual mentorship and leadership training sessions.
Participation in an in-person global training week (location TBC).
Up to USD 10,000 grant to implement your digital development project.
All 30 selected fellows will receive an initial USD 5,000 grant.
The most impactful projects will receive an additional USD 5,000 grant to scale up.
Who Should Apply?
If you:

Are aged 18-28.
Want to make a real impact in your communities through digital development.
Are enrolled or recently graduated from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or related academic program.
Can communicate in English (the main language of the programme) to benefit from trainings, networking, and events.
Ready to Lead the Change?
Apply now and be part of a global network of young leaders shaping the digital future!

LINK to apply ;
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