The Mediterranean Youth in Action (MYA)

🌍 Calling All EuroMed Youth! 🌍✨

This is the call you've been waiting for to turn your dreams into reality. Our #Mediterranean Youth in Action programme is here for all the ambitious future leaders across the 43 UfM countries!

Our Transformative Youth in Action Call:

🚀 Take Your Ideas for Community Impact to Unimaginable Heights! 🚀
We’re here to guide you through every step of the way.

If You Are:
🔹 Age 18-35
🔹 Experienced in community leadership
🔹 Passionate about bringing your project to life

You Will Benefit From:
⭐ Financial Support
⭐ Skills Enhancement
⭐ Face-to-Face Meetings
⭐ Networking Opportunities
⭐ And Much More!

🌟 Apply Now and Learn More:

The Mediterranean Youth in Action (MYA) programme embodies a dynamic approach to fostering positive change in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Grounded in the principle of learning through action, MYA empowers young pioneers to become catalysts for transformation and advocates for societal progress.

MYA cultivates a vibrant community where young leaders collaborate, exchange ideas, and harness their collective potential. Embracing a Euro-Med vision, the programme bridges cultural divides and promotes dialogue, understanding, and cooperation across borders. Through initiatives aimed at empowering young people to shape public policy and promote active citizenship, MYA positions youth as true agents of change, envisioning a future where they play pivotal roles in shaping the societal landscape of the Mediterranean region.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


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