Call for volunteers - She has a say !



Are you a college student, aged 18 or over?
Do you want to be a force for change and impact in your community?
Do you believe in the importance of the right to information for a transparent democracy?
Are you ready to create content that inspires and motivates action?

Who are we?
SHE HAS A SAY is a dynamic youth-led initiative founded in the summer of 2023 as part of a global endeavor to amplify women's voices and bolster their leadership in all spheres, particularly within the realm of political life.

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you should join us ! 🤝

Here are the available positions, pick wisely :

✨💭 Bring our initiative to life with your creativity in graphic design and create content that inspires and encourages action!

✨🤳 Join our team as a social media manager if you have a strong passion for social media (no matter your experience level) and if you have excellent writing skills in French, English, and Arabic. The selected Candidates will be asked to make posts , stories and even design our newsletter.
✨✍️ You can also join our expertise cell: Put your knowledge and skills in political science and law to work for a crucial cause that will have a significant impact. Selected candidates will be asked to make researchs about relevant topics.
✨🗣️ You can join the Workshops and seminars cell: This is corralated to people who are interested to moderate our workshops and Seminars.

📢 Get ready to embark on this journey and don't hesitate to fill out the registration form


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