Join the 7000 Languages Fellowship Program

🌟 Join the 7000 Languages Fellowship Program! 🌍

Are you passionate about preserving languages and empowering communities? Here's your chance to be part of a transformative 10-week fellowship! 🎓✨

7000 Languages is seeking dedicated individuals to collaborate with communities worldwide in revitalizing languages and creating impactful language courses. As a Fellow, you'll delve into the rich tapestry of cultures, working hand-in-hand with local experts to develop resources that celebrate linguistic diversity. 📚💬

Why Apply?
✅ Make a real impact in language revitalization efforts.
✅ Gain valuable experience in community-led language initiatives.
✅ Receive mentorship and guidance from language preservation experts.
✅ Earn a stipend for your dedicated work over the 10-week program.

Application Deadline: April 15
🔗 [Apply Here]


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