Academia Raqmya – 100% Moroccan E-learning Platform


Academia Raqmya is a national and inclusive e-learning platform offering a comprehensive range of digital training courses tailored for the general public, administrations, and businesses (SMEs, small enterprises, and startups) to enhance their skills.

In alignment with the general guidelines for digital development by 2025, and as part of its roadmap implementation, the Digital Development Agency (ADD) is launching one of its key and cross-cutting projects, "Digital Generation." This initiative focuses on strengthening human capital and fostering innovation through the establishment of a National Digital Training Plan in Morocco.

This project aims

to enable ADD to oversee and coordinate actions and initiatives that sustainably develop the digital skills necessary for Morocco's future and contribute to the digital transformation of educational practices in the Education-Training sector.

The project includes several initiatives, such as the "Digital Academy" program, which offers a new online and hybrid training catalog covering digital professions and themes.

"Academia Raqmya" is a fully online, multi-year training program providing a diverse range of courses targeting three learner categories: public administration employees, businesses (SMEs, small enterprises, and startups), and the general public.

Specialized content on the latest digital technologies applicable across various public and private sector activities is made available to participants.

The program offers the following training paths:

"Digital Proficiency" for ongoing digital training for public administration and business employees (SMEs, small enterprises, and startups). "Digital Awareness" for raising awareness and initiating the general public into digital skills. The training catalog covers key digital disciplines, including programming, design, infrastructure, networks, artificial intelligence, big data, digital transformation and change management, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, digital marketing, and agile project management.


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